"you want to play with me now?"

every friday the guardian does a film trailer dump on its culture website which — trust me — is a black hole for time under normal circumstances and, with this additional load of youtubery, becomes just about irresistible.

and who, when procrastinating on job application cover letters, can really walk away from the juicy goodness of 2-3 minute film trailers? not me! certainly not when they’re describing things involving “viral pandemics” and “fleeing” and “darkness”!
not that it looks wildly original, mind you. 28 days later meets quarantine with a tad bit of doomsday mixed in and some mad max just for kicks but you never know. if done with enough gusto, that could be a really good time.
and, no, i didn’t see the new star trek movie. it may go on the netflix queue; it may not. it looks like it might be fun but — on the other hand, iron man also looked like it might be fun and mostly turned out to be 2 hours worth of frustrating!
and because the above reminded me of the following:

i have no particular faith in ethan hawke, but i have a lot of faith in willem dafoe and sam neill. and does anyone recognize the song being played at the end of the trailer? i should know it and it’s driving me nuts that i can’t identify it. it sounds very much like one of the main themes from 30 days of night — but possibly it was also just played in an episode of bones!

2 thoughts on “"you want to play with me now?"

  1. yes! librarians rock and you are awesome — that's totally it. and no wonder i remember it so vividly; it's used against this incredible scene shot on top of a hotel: must've been a helicopter shot. really lovely — bar the dead body. 😉 and whoever did the music for the last scenes of '30 days…' absolutely nicked the rhythm of this.

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