new experiences

i was thinking about this blog while i was home with no internet connection and, therefore, no immediate reason to spring to a keyboard and put my ideas into action. the best time to plan, i feel. really, planning becomes an excuse for having a second — third? — cup of coffee and flipping lazily through whatever book is closest to hand. (john mortimer’s summer of a dormouse, in case you’re curious.)

as a result of all this coffee and mortimer-induced flipping, i have some pleasantly vague ideas as to things i’d like to do with this blog in the future. over the last month, i know, i was unhappy that my entries had become “here’s what i watched/read most recently” and then scatterings of youtube clips when i could think of nothing else to do or was totally out of time. really, i do think about things other than genre movies.
as a result of that, there is today’s brief (but pleasant) post centered around an article from npr i read the other day, titled “lets resolve together to make 2010 the year we leave the window open.” this sounds like something to do with getting more fresh air into your life — which might not be a bad thing either! — but, really, it’s about being open and receptive to things you might not otherwise try. linda holmes, the author, is talking about movies, books, and music, but the underlying argument can just as readily be stretched out to include just about anything including vegetables, socks, or seats on the t.
speaking as someone who is a fairly good representative of her astrological sign — i’m a cancer; we don’t like change — i liked this article. holmes makes her point without being either pedantic or holier-than-thou about it. if you try something new, she says, and don’t like it; great. you don’t have to. but isn’t it better to have tried and found out? at least now if you hate the latest teen pop star or prime-time television hit, you can argue about it from a point of information rather than simply “i know i won’t like it, so i won’t bother.”