important scientific research

so i’m writing this post on sunday evening in the full anticipation of being so fried by thursday of this week that i will barely be able to think straight let alone post anything particularly wonderful.

there is much visiting to be done with diana who is coming to boston for alise conference ahead of the ala midwinter conference. there is contemplation of the eddie izzard concert on tuesday to be done. there are preparations to be made for new job, letters to be written for possible future jobs — just all sorts of things that i’m anticipating taking up time this week.
so go find out about pavlov’s cat results. you didn’t know about those, did you? no, i didn’t think so. 🙂
pre-posting/post-writing edit: the eddie izzard concert was knock-down fan-fuckin’-tastic. three solid hours and my throat ached i was laughing so hard. he got laughs off of jokes about latin — latin, mark you! and mudskippers. to say nothing of badgers, raptors in trilbys, giant squid, and the existence or non-existence of god as evidenced by the fact that no-one reached down from the sky to knock hitler’s head off.