friday fun times

and yet more youtube goodness inspired by the election in britain.

just think: in a few weeks, the general election will be over and then i will no longer be able to recycle ’70s british sitcoms for friday content! what will i do!

in case you’ve never seen it, yes, minister was one of the best of the ’70s/’80s british sitcoms. it was said to be margaret thatcher’s favorite tv show; she even visited the set once, if i remember rightly. i try not to hold this against any of the actors concerned.

the plot focussed around a dithering minister, james hacker (paul eddington), and sir humphrey appleby (nigel hawthorne — rip) who is permanent secretary of hacker’s department and bernard woolley (derek fowlds), his personal private secretary.

much hilarity ensues if you like verbal jousting, clever wordplay, and political humor.