"am i bothered?"

okay, so i’m out of inspiration for this week. sad to say, but true. the weather is ghastly — 80+ and humid; i’ve been having to boil my drinking water since saturday night; and i’ve got a long week in front of me. i’m quite happy about some of it — a new meditation class is starting on tuesday — but it’s still long.

so here are some things i’ve recently found through other blogs i read which you might also find interesting.

have you heard about the new, restored print of fritz lang’s metropolis which is being released this summer? no? well, there you go.

a few years ago — honestly, i don’t remember how long — comic relief/rednose day in britain did a doctor who parody with rowan atkinson as the doctor called “the curse of the fatal death.” for those of you who remember the old jon pertwee-style episode titles, this sounds completely believable. beyond the fact that atkinson looks as if he’s nicked his coat from pertwee, his tie from troughton, and his hair from hartnell — and then dyed it to match tom baker’s. in any case, sf signal makes both parts of the parody available here.

and here are a couple of great posts from sadie nardini over at yoga journal‘s yoga diary about learning to work with the your strengths and working with balance. i wouldn’t like to say “these are problems i have every day” because that casts things in a very negative light and i’m trying not to do that so much — so lets say “i think about these things a lot.” sounds better, doesn’t it? yes, i thought so.

on a slightly lighter note, a post from bj-c’s day of the woman blog (great stuff over there if you don’t already read it) about “15 horror locations to avoid like the plague;” a dialogue between the little professor and her books; and pictures from the guardian of mari kasurinen’s absolutely wonderful artistic work with…my little pony ™.