you know what really just sits on all your blogging plans like a bollog with no head and crushes them into tiny smithereens? a head cold.

no, really, it does. sudafed and ibuprofen do not make you smarter. they don’t even let you stay awake for very long periods.

so here are some people who are much cleverer than i am at the minute….

a video, courtesy of the guardian, of bill bryson at the hay festival.

another one, still from the guardian, of simon schama.

jo brand, who i used to love when she was part of the team doing the mary whitehouse experience on bbc radio. hilarious stuff, if you ever get a chance to listen to it. i know there was a tv series, too, but i never got to see it and i lost all my (probably totally illegal) downloads of the radio shows in a laptop crash a few years back. very sad.