things look bad. send chocolate.

feeling kind of uninspired this week, folks. one of my jobs is ending, my other one is ramping up hours but only for a week or so, and there is continual construction near and about the apartment which is unconducive to rest and relaxation, let alone coherent writing.

so here are some other interesting things for you instead…

an article about justin cronin’s new vampire book, “the passage.”

a much more positive review of david kynaston’s family britain than my own.

edited highlights from the saville report on bloody sunday (the one in 1972 in northern ireland). (and if you’re thinking, “gee, you do irish history. shouldn’t you have more to say about this enormously important report than a one-line write-off in a links list?” you’d be right. and i do. but i need time to catch up on all the coverage first!)

and some more relaxing things….

lots and lots and lots of pretty pictures of ilm special effects.

some absolutely fantastic costumes (and more) from dragon-con courtesy of jen at the epbot blog who also does the wonderful and wonderfully wrong cakewrecks blog.

and warren ellis’s take on the england/us soccer match last saturday.