friday fun times

enjoy some movie trailers, folks.

first off, we’ve got red, written by warren ellis.

it looks kinda like wanted for the driving miss daisy demographic but, hey, with that cast, how can i not watch it?

centurion, neil marshall’s new film, which makes me happy because…

…well, ’cause of lots of things really but look! there’s mickey the idiot! i know, i know, his real name is noel clarke and he’s an awesome actor and doing some great things not being mickey the idiot but, honestly, i’m pretty much always going to think of him that way, largely because i learned to love mickey.

and this just makes me happy because it finally looks as though maybe, just maybe, my birthday won’t be used as a day to release movies which suck:

i love danny trejo’s line: “does this look like a team-orientated group of individuals to you?” but i’m not sure about adrien brody as a “mercenary.” admittedly, he might be great in the stealth department ’cause i’d sure never expect to see him armed!

there’s also new resident evil which i was all kinds of excited about — until i realised it was being released in 3-d. i have a very rough relationship with 3-d since i wear glasses. just like i can’t be further back than the second row in a yoga class or i can’t see what i’m supposed to be doing, i can’t find a comfortable place to sit in a theatre and wear those stupid little damn glasses.

but for this?

i just might make an exception.