Monday again, huh?

Anne Lamott, in her great Bird by Bird once describes the first day of the week as “your mute, Slavic uncle Monday.” She suggests not starting big things — no new novels; no screen plays; no house cleaning projects — on Mondays ’cause, dude…uncle Monday.

And so that’s how Monday is personified for me a lot of the time: an out-of-proportionally big guy, in an overcoat that doesn’t fit, and huge clown shoes. Except all in a kind of rusty, grungy black. Shaggy dark hair, and no use for language.

In order to give uncle Monday a little run for his money, lets look at pretty things instead, shall we?

My two favorite new Tumblr blogs are all about the pretty things. Lets give some love to “You only lose what you cling to” and brown dress with white dots. These are both primarily photo blogs; the former is colloquially known as “fuckyeah cats lesbians and buddhism” — just so you know what you’re getting into: some of it may be NSFW, but the photography is wonderful.

brown dress is my new favorite photo blog at this point; sometimes the stuff going up can seem a little…posed and slightly artificial to my eye — my totally untrained, amateur photographer’s eye, by the way — but then there’s shots like this and this and this …. oh, and this.

So go forth and look at pretty things and maybe mute old uncle Monday will come and chill out with you for a bit and think about cats rather than glooming in the corner and thinking about cockroaches.