Things That Make Me Happy and Should Come Here So I Can Hug Them

After Monday, it only seems fair.

1. Friends who make me gorgeous computer wallpapers. 🙂

2. Jensen Ackles’ smile. Seriously. Between him, corvids, and Matt Smith, my cubicle at work is a lovely, lovely place.

3. Folks who take the time to put up full MST3K episodes on Youtube. (Not linking because, duh: I don’t want anyone backtracked and shut down because of me. But, if you’re curious, try Googling “MST3k the sword and the dragon” or “the day the earth froze” and pay attention to the usernames.)

4. John Sheppard/Rodney McKay slash. This is the fandom pairing made of endless bunnies and sunshine and rainbows and I’m not kidding. Want proof? Try this, or this, or, lord love you, this.

A visual representation of McShep slash.