“Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited” – Episodes That Must Not Be Mentioned

I am so ridiculously far behind in doing Doctor Who commentary that I’m not even through the last season. And you know why? The Girl Who Waited.

That’s why.

Steven Moffatt’s pleasant little knee in the groin of an episode.

Not that it isn’t brilliant ’cause it totally is, but it also feels approximately like having a tooth removed without Novocaine.

And you know I’ve been dilly-dallying on writing a post about it for so long that I’m going to give up now. I want to get on and talk about God Complex and The Wedding of River Song and boy howdy do I want to talk about the Christmas special and season 7.

So go watch Girl Who Waited.

It’s intense.

It’s wonderful.

It’s painful.

There you have it, folks.


5 thoughts on ““Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited” – Episodes That Must Not Be Mentioned

    1. Yes, Amy Pond. All about Amy Pond, in fact. It’s the one where she ends up in one time-stream and Rory and the Doctor end up in the other. The planet with the health problem? Amy ends up stuck in a timeline going faster than the other one and they finally find her only to realise she’s about 50 and a little…bitter about being left.

  1. @A’Llyn, if you haven’t seen it, it’s one of those that basically no newlyweds or happily-marrieds should watch without a box of tissues each. It’s incredibly good, but incredibly painful. And the writers (and actors) don’t let you have a tidy “everything’s fixed!” solution. Nope. Not in the slightest.

    1. Not even a tiny little bit. It should be pointed out, too, that in many ways this is a Rory-sode. It looks like it’s all about Amy and it is but — not in the way you might think.

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