Handmade Giveaways

We gots ourselves another giveaway!

So I mentioned the whole ‘cooking as stress-relief’ thing, right? And how I tend to produce way more than we can use? Or even take to work and impose on our coworkers? Yeah, totally had one of those weekends so we have a superfluity of…..

Candied ginger!
Candied ginger!

This is a mix of ordinary and what I have been informed is Blue Ring Ginger. It’s all from Trader Joe’s and made up following the super-simple America’s Test Kitchen DIY cookbook recipe: simple syrup, boil, cook, drain, shake with sugar, eat.

There’s about a cup’s worth here, sliced fairly thick. It’s lovely to eat straight; you can cut it up in granola or add it to candy, cookies, quick bread, whatever you’ve got goin’ on. It’s pretty strong, though, so approach with a little caution!

So — who’s up for it? Leave me a comment or talk to me on Twitter.

Edit: Gone, baby, gone. 

And enjoy some in-process photos ’cause I took ’em and why not?


4 thoughts on “Handmade Giveaways

  1. Me! me! Seems like I often run across recipes that require candied ginger but I’m lazy to go looking for it…. Homemade is the best!

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