TV Shows: Fringe (season 1)

So it basically went like this: eh, fun, fun, fun, ew, fun, what the fuck, fun, feels!, fun, fun, fun, ew again, fun, boring, fun, how the fuck stupid do you think I am!

I mean, really. That season finale? Who are we kidding, Mr. Abrams, sir? I mean, anyone who didn’t have those ‘reveals’ figured out from about the middle of the season — possibly a show or two earlier — simply wasn’t watching with his or her eyes open. You couldn’t have telegraphed it any more clearly: is this a you don’t trust your actors to convey the story thing? or a Leonard Nimoy had a free weekend thing? or a the season was running short thing? I mean, what was this!

Okay, that little mini-rant aside, this was pretty fun. 90% of the episodes were a good time; watching the pre-Walking Dead work of Orci and Kurtzman is fun and I assume they’re the ones keeping the make-up shiny. (By the way, I just started season 3 of Walking Dead and oh my fucking God but we can talk about that another time.) Jean the Cow may be my favorite character; either her, or Astrid with her endless name variations. Oh, or Charlie — love him; he took being impregnated with giant mutant scorpion babies so well. Also Nina Sharpe; I don’t think Blair Brown really has any idea what the hell is going on around her but she’s having a lot of fun with it plus she has a Darth Vader hand.

It’s got plenty of fun one-liners (“It’s the friendliest of fruit!”) and Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham is a good straight man for the combined forces of John Noble and Joshua Jackson as a father/son unit of crazy. The crazy is a little forced at times, I must say, but the core cast still makes it look fun.

I have to say, as a resident of Boston, the writing staff’s idea of Boston geography is always good for at least a howler an episode. For instance, I work in the Countway Library — riiiiiight next to Kresge Hall. And there are no cows.

I can’t say I have any deeply serious thoughts about Fringe — it doesn’t really seem to ask for them. It’s fun, pretty popcorn TV; I’m told by sources who have seen later seasons that it turns into “The Walter-and-Peter Show” and I’m totally okay with that.