Doctor Who, “Into the Dalek”; or, Manicheanism on the Hoof

Okay, I’m a little tired and slightly grumpy this weekend so I’m going to keep this short and simple with a ‘solid bulleted list!’

RAYOR as always.

Afterthoughts from Deep Breath:

  • Missy. What the hell. I hear rumours — sweet, sweet rumours — that she may be the Master on some level. I’m also seeing a resemblance to Madame Kevarian: are we back to another splinter group of the Mother Church?
  • Re-used set from The Girl Who Waited. Also what the hell. Also please dear Dagon don’t make me go back there, Steve.
  • Gave your pocketwatch to a tramp, huh? Interesting choice. Probably not a good one but — interesting.

Afterthoughts from Into the Dalek:

  • Coal Hill School. Jesus-fucking-God. Is Clara going to open a shop at 76 Totters Lane next? (And was I the only one half-hoping that when she opened the stationary cupboard for the second time she’d be in 1963? Or thereabouts?)
  • Danny. Can we keep him?
  • Journey. Can we keep her, too? Please?
  • Is the Doctor a good man. Well — no. I thought we settled this back in season 6.
  • Clara gettin’ fiesty. Yeah, bring it on! Much better than the dewy-eyed look.

Um, and that’s kind of it, sorry. My brain is feeling rather like fudge. If I think of anything else, I’ll get back to you.