Small Things That Help – #1

(This is related to my Nth Post About Self-Care from earlier in the month.)

I’m trying to come to terms with being a small person who can really only do small things — and the first person to quote that damned ‘small things with great love’ nonsense at me is going to get the biggest kick in the knee I can muster so consider yourself warned.

While the immediate sharpness of feeling IMPENDING DOOOOOOM has worn off a bit, I still think things are generally feeling pretty rotten. Combining an electoral result which can only be described as appalling with the holiday season which is often itself appalling is just not a good combination. I’m trying to find out what the helpful things I can do are and not to be entirely discouraged by the fact that they’re mostly pretty pedestrian and often seem petty.

I have spent a lot of time searching out free yoga classes since yoga is something I find immensely helpful in all weathers. This is the first class I’ve ever done with this particular teacher — it’s a slower, yin-style flow. Oh, and you can fake all the props with pillows, a couple of big books (Harry Potter comes in useful again!), or folded blankets or towels.