I would like…

…to write a beautifully evocative post about the strength inherent in doing small things and facing 2017 with some kind of scrap of hope because many small things done by many small people add up.

But let’s face it: that’s exactly what happened in 2016 and you don’t need me to tell you that.

So. What to do instead? Well, there isn’t a lot else, now is there? I’m a small person who is only capable of doing small things. So are you. And you. And you over there and you at the back and you over in the corner and, hey, fill up the kettle when you take the last of the hot water, yeah?

If it’s a choice between doing small things and doing nothing, I am all in favor of small things. So I’m going to keep writing fluff and posting #gloamingthings and trying like hell to be kind because those are small things I can do. And because they feel like the best way of honoring all the glorious people we lost this year who told stories and sang songs and made art that told us about the importance of small things and small people. (And then, of course, y’know, David Bowie, but he fits in there somewhere.) Nope, I’m not going to have Death Star plans in my hands anytime soon but whether we like it or not — and I am largely in sympathy with Han on this one — committees are important, too.