So, Here’s A Thing

My third week of yoga teacher training is just starting. It’s an online only training and I have so many more thoughts than will comfortably fit on our cohort Facebook page (without it simply turning into a text-based monologue from me) that I’ve decided to reawaken this old beast.

I considered making a new site — in fact, I did make a new site — but new sites are ponderous and slow and disheartening and this beastie :pats site: is like a really nice pair of worn-in pajama pants. And so here we are.

I have no plan or schedule or outline or calendar for this; I’m going back to my old days of blogging when I wrote things more or less as I felt like it and posted them more or less as I felt like it. (And I imagine Doctor Who will sneak in here and there because, well, it always does.)