Friday Fun Times

It’s the worst to have lots of ideas for blog posts and no time to write them down.

But here — have a Welsh steam engine.


"A little water never hurt anyone!"

Good god, it’s wet. Boston is damp today. Very very wet, in fact.

Anyway, skinny post today, folks — if you want more, I suggest you check out my Tumblr blog. I’m wading through Google Reader feed backlog, calling some folks about jobs, and generally doing not very much. Oh, and getting through a few more chapters of Tony Judt’s Postwar — excellent book, but very tiny font — tough reading.

In any case, I can’t just leave nothing up on a Wednesday — especially not a thunderstormy Wednesday — so I went to find amusing things on Youtube.

So I started with the idea of finding a Clangers short from Oliver Postgate which I have done — it’s right down there — but there was also a link to a Bagpuss short. Now I’ve only ever heard about Bagpuss and The Wombles which were Postgate’s other two really successful creations and mostly heard about them through things like Alice on Vicar of Dibley or Brendan Gleeson’s wonderful/insane turn in Breakfast on Pluto.

This is trippy. This may be the trippiest thing I will see all day — and I want more of it. I want lots more of it:

And then there are the Clangers who are also trippy and deeply so, but which I am more familiar with. Don’t blame me if you start to whistle after watching this: